Sheet Metal Prototyping

For sheet metal fabrication—rapid manufacturing, our sheet metal fabrication services offer single part batch in prototype quantities or full production run.


Sheet metal parts fabrication, is used to create either functional prototypes or end-use parts. Forming metal sheets to the required shape using different manufacturing methods, starts the journey. And completion of a product usually comprises of various steps—from cutting, forming and punching, to surface treatment and assembly.

Sheet Metal

  • Aluminum, Grade 5052
  • Brass - Copper, Grade C110 or C101
  • Cold Rolled Steel (CRS), Grade 1008 or 1018
  • Pre - Plated Steel
  • Stainless Steel,Grade 304 or 316


The sheet metal fabrication process, cut, formed, and punched metal sheets to the desired shape. Frequently, at times a wide range of fabrication techniques are used to achieve similar end-results. Based on the type of mechanical design and geometry, after review will determine the kind of cutting machine used. As well as the chosen material and gauge of the sheet metal sheet. Also, factors like desired lead-time and tolerances all goes into account for sheet metal parts demand. Quantities in one-off prototypes to production run units are available.

Advanced manufacturing production methods, like 3D printing, offer some lead-time advantages that are well-aligned with the needs for prototyping. Sheet metal parts fabrication processes are suitable towards a moderate transition from rapid prototyping to large-scale production run. Producing prototypes dictates the baseline and end-results for larger marketing quantities by establishing the required cornerstone for fabricated metal parts.

Sheet Metal

  • Brackets
  • Chassis
  • Electronics
  • Enclosers
  • Housings
  • Small Components

Sheet metal fabrication, rapid manufacturing, provides a wide range of solutions and nuance. We help by being skilled metal fabricators, should your project require formed sheet metal prototypes or low-volume production parts.