Rapid Prototyping Services

Turnkey metal, plastic, and rubber, prototyping to low-volume production, market quantities by ProtoEdge.



Obtaining functional parts that enable real-life product development and testing to occur before costly equities in production tooling. A realistic prototype or a series of batch production marketing samples can take on the appearance of this game-changing transition for your final finished product. That also, include color and a wide selection of materials. Manufacturing methods could be explored employing the use of functional prototypes or production market quantities to determine part weight and size, assembly or overall manufacturability for a set of parts and components.


  • Assemblies
  • Bridge Tooling
  • Final Finish Product
  • Low-Volume Production
  • Manufacturability
  • Materials Testing
  • Usability


There are several options for functional prototypes or low-volume parts. For metal, plastic, and rubber fabrication in CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal and other digital rapid manufacturing processes. An endless assortment of technologies, colors, materials, and part quantities enable choices. And with market demands to become more reactive, advance technologies is changing how manufacturing needs to react for on-demand parts and digital manufacturing plays a key role.

We fabricate components and parts that help companies compete. Going beyond look and feel, for your product development projects. Call or email us at any time and we will help with ordering on-demand parts, technology recommendations, material selections, and answer any questions.